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Buy Less – Upcycling as a way of reaching sustainability

Blog post   •   Apr 12, 2018 12:02 BST

Buy Less – Upcycling as a way of reaching sustainability

Helping to create a sustainable society is vital for many reasons. Every ambitious company today has a philosophy and policy they adhere to. For a company like Elodie Details, children are our future quite literally, and we spoke with founder and creative director Linda Sätterström about her ideas and ambitions on this subject.

- What does sustainability mean at Elodie Details?

Like most other companies these days we do work to make sure that as many products as possible are OEKO-TEX certified and we use GOTS-certified cotton whenever we can. But the sustainability aspect we are most passionate about can be summarized with “buy less”. Any time a product gets replaced because it’s used up, it has instantly doubled its environmental impact. So, in our opinion the most effective way of reducing your impact is to buy fewer products...... Link to full article.