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Decorating kids spaces – thoughts and ideas from Elodie Details

Blog post   •   Feb 01, 2018 22:42 GMT

Elodie Details’ HOME assortment

Elodie Details’ HOME assortment has grown steadily since we introduced it some 5 years ago, especially in the last two seasons. We’re happy that you, our fans and consumers around the world, seem to share our love for well designed everyday items. Every now and then we can introduce a little innovation as well, such as the new “StyleMyWeek” that you can read more about here.

Decorating a toddler’s room is always fun. Sometimes you might have just a little closet to work with, sometimes a large and spacious area. Sometimes it’s a room for just one child, sometimes it’s a shared room. Regardless of which, only your imagination sets the limits of what you can do. Themes, patterns and colors are obviously a matter of taste and preference, but here are a few pointers we feel are important... .. . Read the full article here