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​Dots of Fauna - Misty Mountain Dots

Blog post   •   Aug 24, 2017 13:09 BST

The Story Behind the Pattern

Dots of Fauna is Elodie Details’ new misty mountain dot, and we spoke with our founder and creative director Linda on how this pattern came about.

What’s it like creating new patterns? Where do you start?

Honestly, it’s usually quite simple. You just need to pay attention to how your mind reacts to the things around you. Where does your eye go? What details do they stay on, and why? Is it the colour, the shape, or a combination of things? And where did this particular idea come from? It really did come from a trip to the mountains that I took about a year ago. Not from seeing a snow cheetah or anything like that, but I was intrigued by how the naked branches of the trees and the snow underneath them interacted. How they changed and played with the few light colours that are still there. I wanted to try and capture that somehow. .. ... read the full story on