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​Organizer - Get organized!

Blog post   •   Sep 07, 2017 13:51 BST

Get #OrgaNICEd with our brand new Organizer.

If you’re anything like us, you get a sweet release of endorphins when you’re done tiding up for the day. Why is that? Is it human nature to want, or even need, to keep your things neatly in place? It probably is.

When we look around at successful brands and companies emerging today, we see that many of them focus on urban lifestyles and well thought-out compact living. In our own field, the most popular strollers and push chairs today are also minimalistic and space saving. Small and neat. But it comes at a cost, as you get less space on the stroller for stowing all the things you need when out and about with a baby. (and we know, it’s a lot!)

Enter the Organizer. Compact enough to fit on any stroller, but smart enough to cleverly store the most essential items. It will easily hold your phone, a couple of diapers, wet wipes and even a change of clothes - because accidents do happen. .. ... read the full story on