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"Le Petit Parisien" Elodie Details Autum 2019 Collection

Press release   •   Jul 25, 2019 14:00 BST

"Le Petit Parisien" Elodie Details Autum 2019 Collection

Launching August 22, 2019

Elodie Details’ autumn collection “Le Petit Parisien” takes aim at the distinctive yet carefree look known as “Parisian Style”. Where dressy and casual elements meet to create combinations that are both expressive and understated at the same time. The contrasts between romantic and tough, between conscious and almost nonchalant are what we find so irresistible in the streets of Paris.

Art Noveaue inspired motifs, knitted bonnets and berets, details of black leather and shearling transport you back to a not so distant past, when Paris was a place where the rebellious met the bourgeoisie. “Faded Rose” and “Rebel Green” tones intermingle with the soothing “Moonshell” and “Lily White”, accented by sprinkles of gold and “Juniper Blue”. Playful poodles and Glen Check patterns appear along-side vintage florals, making it easy for you to create your own Parisian Style – Pas de problem! Because like Audrey Hepburn famously said; "Paris is always a good idea".

New logo

The Elodie Details’ logotype has had the same look since 2005, and it quickly became a well-known symbol of a growing brand that entered family homes all over the world. But Elodie Details has grown up since then, and it’s time for the company’s visual identity to reflect that.

The visual journey going from the Crown logo to this new identity, will take the brand from being more traditional and expressive to a slightly more modern and generic look. While this is all new, the founder Linda Sätterström, explain that the company vision – to make life with children even more beautiful – is unchanged. She continues: ”The logo is also inspired by the first Elodie Details product ever designed back in 2005: The Pacifier Clip. The rounded shape that holds the Pacifier is what gave us the letter “o” in Elodie. That detail is important to us, because it means we carry our heritage with us into this new era.”

– Linda Sätterström, Founder & Creative Director.

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Elodie Details is a Swedish company founded in 2005 by Linda Sätterström, shortly after her daughter Elodie was born. The premise was to turn everyday baby products into high-quality fashion accessories through a unique combination of utility, design and durability.

Since then, her former hobby has grown into a design company with a full range of innovative baby products that make life with children even more beautiful. And every product is designed to last – by creating durable and multifunctional items, Elodie Details wants to encourage sustainability through upcycling.

Today, Elodie Details’ products are available online at and through retailers in 45 countries on five continents.

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Phone: +46 8 660 33 33 
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