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"Valleys of Himalaya" Elodie Details Autum 2018 Collection

Press release   •   Aug 30, 2018 17:15 BST

"Valleys of Himalaya" Elodie Details Autum 2018 Collection

The Kathmandu valley is home to some of the most complex and impressive textile crafts in the world. The fabrics found there often have a very dense and layered variety of colours and patterns, brass details and fur or leather applications. Earthy colours like Faded Rose and Valley Green combine with dusty stone, gravel and the always shifting Himalayan sky.

We brought this inspiration back to the high streets of Milan and merged it with the posh and sophisticated fashion sensibilities we always find there. We added golden details and a cheeky little monkey companion to create a playful and vibrantly colourful collection

The patterns are all hand drawn and set in colour schemes that interact perfectly with one another. Our ambition has been to create a collection that brings. some of the rich mystery of the mountain valleys to you.

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Elodie Details is a Swedish design company that creates functional and innovative baby products that live up to their motto of making "big differences for small people".

At Elodie Details we believe that the products we use in everyday baby life are more than simple necessities for an easier day. They tell us something about who we are. Personal style is not a question of age and we therefore strive to create fun and unique products that express a personality. Our mission is to elevate all those little products of everyday baby life in to the stylish accessories they all have the potential to be. From pacifiers and pacifier clips, to strollers and stroller accessories - all with a unique sense of style.

Elodie Details' products are sold on through retailers in 35 different countries on all 5 continents, from El Salvador to New Zeeland.

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