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Welcome to "the Gilded Garden" Elodie Details Spring 2018 Collection

Press release   •   Jan 24, 2018 14:04 GMT

Someone once said that “Gardening is the slowest of the performing arts”, and we all know the saying that “Silence is gold”. At Elodie Details we took those two sentiments to heart when creating our 2018 Spring collection – The Gilded Garden. Growing your garden is one of the easiest way to find mindfulness, and these days, anything that slows us down and forces us to be patient is a blessing. The silence of a growing flower can be a beautiful thing. 

Now, we know that Children grow a bit louder than plants. But maybe surrounding ourselves with both real and make believe growing things can be a way to find serenity and calm in our everyday family life. We believe it can.

In this collection we’ve used a parade of some of our favourite growing things, like poppy, lavender, anemones and grass, along with June bugs and Dragonflies, and we’ve hand painted them in softly spoken water colours. Our hope is that these botanical creations can be a source of serenity and inspiration to you and your family as well. 

Welcome to the Gilded Garden!

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Elodie Details is a Swedish design company that creates functional and innovative baby products that live up to their motto of making "big differences for small people".

At Elodie Details we believe that the products we use in everyday baby life are more than simple necessities for an easier day. They tell us something about who we are. Personal style is not a question of age and we therefore strive to create fun and unique products that express a personality. Our mission is to elevate all those little products of everyday baby life in to the stylish accessories they all have the potential to be. From pacifiers and pacifier clips, to strollers and stroller accessories - all with a unique sense of style.

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