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Elodie Details is rebranding

Press release   •   Jul 22, 2019 13:32 BST

Elodie Details lifestyle image A/W 2019

The Swedish design brand Elodie Details will soon reveal a new visual identity complete with a new logotype and monogram. The transformation will reflect how the company has grown and matured since the start over a decade ago.

The Elodie Details’ logotype has had the same look since 2005, and it quickly became a well-known symbol of a growing brand that entered family homes all over the world. But Elodie Details has grown up since then, and it’s time for the company’s visual identity to reflect that.

The journey, going from the Crown logo to this new identity, will take the brand from being quite traditional and expressive to a more modern and generic look. While this is new, the founder Linda Sätterström, explains that the company vision – to make life with children even more beautiful – is perpetual. She continues:

”It was an emotional but necessary decision, to change something that has been associated with the Elodie from the very beginning. I look at the Crown Logo and I’m immediately taken back to all those late nights with hard work. But just like my kids, Elodie Details keeps growing, and is now ready to take on a new and more mature shape and form. It’s an amazing journey to be part of.”

The new logo brings Elodie Details into the future, but it also honours its past by borrowing design elements from the very first product Linda created – the pacifier clip.

”The rounded shape that holds the Pacifier is what gave us the letter “o” in Elodie. That detail is important to us, because it means we carry our heritage with us into this new era.”

Harriet Lenninger, CMO is confident that the new visual identity will prepare the brand for future growth and strengthen its appeal to design conscious parents.

The new logo will be revealed at the same time as the A/W 19 collection launch on August 22 2019.

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